Just an About page.

This blog is about, tan tan tan—books! I wanted to have a book review blog because I love books and I always want to share my opinion on the books I read. I love my opinion, so I think everyone else should. My friends and I can talk books for hours, mixed with life discussions, of course. Plus I love how we have such different, and sometimes similar, views on books. So I wanted to share my views and opinions about the books I read, whether by choice or force. But if your taking my book reviews to heart, you must know that first and most importantly: I do not bash authors or belittle their efforts. I am giving my feedback, whether its ranting or raving, on my own emotion and how I connect with the story. And obviously, just because I like/dislike  it doesnt mean you will/won’t, because:

1. I get really invested in books
2. Books linger on with me, even weeks after I am finished–Yes I’m like that
3. I have a different standard for books–I don’t take well to misunderstandings between main character’s lasting decades *Cough* Judith McNaught *cough*, or books without happy endings *cough* Nicolas Spark *cough* or books with great story plot that ends up wrongly used *cough* A lot of authors *cough*.

But I Love books, especially Romance Novels, and I am a collector of them–I shop for them more than I do clothes. But even though I may like/dislike a book, others probably love that same book. Its really important for you to know that I dont bash authors or their works, but I just have my opinion and I wanna express that in this blog of the good, the bad, and the “what the heck did I just read?!”. I hope to have my friends contribute their lovely brains to this blog whenever they can, so cross your fingers. I’m crossing mine.

Many Thanks,


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