Okay, brief bio.

Name’s Leisha, a.k.a Lei, and I love to read. I read a lot actually, and sometimes no matter how busy I am, I try to find a way to sneak in some reading time. I love getting into a book, and feeling the characters. I love series most, because it means even when the book is done, I may get updates–even if its a little bit–about them in the next installment. I can watch their happy ever after progress. My favorite authors are Diana Palmer, Johanna Lindsey, Julie Garwood, Lisa Kleypas, and Catherine Coulter. There’s a couple more, but those are my main faves. I can pick their book up anytime without reading the back and buy it. I have been blogging for a while, but have revamped my blog so many times its crazy. I have tons of different interest and that includes my love for the Korean language, which I am diligently trying to learn.

My other personal blog is Rambled process and its just a way for me to get everything off my chest or to further examine them.

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