Smooth Talking Stranger

It would be absolutely inexcusable of me if I didn’t review one of my favorite novels ever. I would be depriving the world of not only my humble opinion, but also the man that makes this book so darn unforgettable. I say unforgettable because not only can I not forget about him, but also because I have no other words that i can use to show his awesomeness. Or maybe I should say the authors awesomeness? Who knows.

Smooth Talking Stranger

A Billionaire playboy, and all-around ladies’ man, Jack Travis has a reputation as big as the state of Texas. He drives too fast, lives too hard, and loves too many women to count.

In her advice column, and her love life, Ella Varner is always practical. So when she’s left holding her reckless sister’s baby, she decides to ask Jack Travis to take a paternity test.

Ella is instantly struck by Jack’s bold good looks and easy charm–but she’s not falling for his sweet talk. This big sexy tomcat needs to take responsibility for his actions, and Ella’s making him stick to his word. Now if she can only ignore the unspoken attraction that smolders between them..

Now if that doesn’t say it all….I guess I still have to convince you. To think I wasn’t going to buy this book. Well it sure showed me. 7.99 plus tax, which is about 8.47. So, all in all, 8 dollars and forty seven cents well spent.

My Review

How many stars: 5

Main Characters: Main characters, Jack Travis and Ella Varner, redefine the meaning of three dimensional characterization. Oh My Gosh, I still feel like going to Texas and finding them and their little Luke to see if they are still living happily ever after–not that I have any doubt. I just want to meet ’em and the whole Travis Clan.

Story: The story is great from beginning to end. I cant get over how good it is. Its so uncomplicated, and very real. The main charcter’s, well mostly Ella, just ticked me off a bit. I couldn’t stop yelling “don’t push Jack away.” Its a great read. I did not want it to end.

Would I re-read: Yes!! I reread it when I can anyways. But yes, Its so good to revisit this book. I’ve reread it numerous amount of times, and its still not boring.

Improvements:¬†Gosh, this book doesn’t need anything. I cant even say I wish it were longer, because I got a really good ending. The ending was just so fitting–it was perfect.

Topping: I cant even describe how perfect of venti frappuccino this book is. And I have had a really perfect frappuccino before. It’s the perfect venti frappuccino made by a charismatic hot guy–who knows how to give great customer service and no, not in a perverse way. And don’t be pessimistic, I can attest to this, because it happened to me before.